Running An Online Business Success Tips

1. specify the target consumer

Determine the target consumer is very influential to the quality of the products that will be selected (teens or adults; the middle-to upper middle-class or under).
Running An Online Business Success Tips
Running An Online Business Success Tips

2. The price of the product sold.

For the price, you'd better find out the price of a rival product as well as your benchmark. Such information can be obtained easily online.

Frequently holding promos or discounts, because it is so attracted the attention of consumers to visit your online store. 

3. Expand online sales media

Online business is very dependent on the abundance of the promotion is done. Some media that can be used as a place of sale is social media you have, or it could be through the marketplace.

Social media the most popular nowadays as place promotion online is instagram and facebook. So, if you are interested in running an online business should make a dikedua social media accounts.

If you already have an account, we recommend the Fox features into business features to ease in the control. How to change facebook features and instagram from you can be private business searching online (there have been many that discuss it). 

Next you should consider is the marketplace online (Mallnya business online), for marketing through facebook and instagram alone is not enough.

Selling in the marketplace can meningkatkam consumer confidence. Remember, the main thing in the online business is trust.

Some of the most sought after in the marketplace Indonesia

a. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is a very popular marketplace may even be most popular in Indonesia. Almost all of the online shop is on tokopedia.

Since the number of sellers in tokopedia, you will get a tough rival especially regarding prices and the granting of discounts.

b. Shopee

Shopee could be options marketplace that is perfect because there are often free shipping promo. However, if you want to sell on the marketplace this then you should frequent-often promote a product that the medium has been provided by shopee (be it for free and paid).

c. Bukalapak

Bukalapak similar to tokopedia, for selling in the marketplace this listing is very easy and quick sale proceeds funds in the seller's account.

d. Lazada

To register as a seller in the marketplace this quite elaborate, requiring few requirements and should follow online training as they specify. But in future, this marketplace may very promising so there's no harm in trying.

e. Mataharimall

Unlike the other marketplace, in the seller must sign a contractual agreement. The contract will be sent to your address to sign after sign up online. 

Whatever the chosen marketplace, should include a clear contacts and can always be contacted by consumers. These contacts can be a medium of consultation between consumers with you.

That's some of the best online business of the year 2019. Please select one of the fields that are most profitable if according to you.

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