3 home-based business opportunity Small Capitalization with Promising Earnings

The State of the economy is sluggish and the rising cost of living make many families play the brain and looking for business opportunities to increase the revenue side. For most people, a much sought after is the opportunity to have a home business can be done with small or zero, but capable of generating stable profits.

3 home-based business opportunity Small Capitalization with Promising Earnings
3 home-based business opportunity Small Capitalization with Promising Earnings

LiveOlive encapsulates the 20 home-based business opportunity small capitalization can be done offline or online, with return on Investment (ROI) or the rate of return on investment which is worth it:

1. The culinary Business Catering: Home cooking

Home cooking is something that seems simple, but it's never a lack of demand. Business on this one is promising because food is a basic requirement of daily, while a high level of busyness make most people didn't get to cook at home.

Variations of dishes to choose from is quite varied, ranging from the classic menu which we often find at warung nasi, typical regional cuisine, a catering package menu to diet or bento for the provision of school children.

If the process of workmanship carried out on its own by using the Cookware that is in the House, then the production cost is only allocated for the raw materials and packaging.

The initial capital is needed for home-cooked cuisine makes as many as 50 servings with a simple menu like white rice, one type of vegetable stir-fry, one kind of stir-stir, a type of processed chicken or fish, fruit, crackers, and mineral water is around Rp 500,000.

With standard selling price of Rp 20,000 per serving, the advantages that can be obtained are:

Package price per serving 20,000 x 50 @Rp = Usd 1 million
Modal raw materials = Rp 500,000-
Profit = IDR 500,000

With total profits reaching 100%, then the return on investment can be achieved in a single production.

To start a business or a home-based catering cuisine, offer your products to nearby communities as a test. If you already understand the market's taste and enthusiasm, you can start adding portions and variety of food.

2. The culinary Business: food or Beverages Processed

In addition to home-cooked dishes, light meals can also be quite a promising business opportunity. The reason is simple, because there is always food enthusiasts and its existence has always frowned upon at every opportunity, whether as friends drinking tea or complement the meal.

The variation of potential food products for this type of business include:

A variety of cake and cookies
Frozen food
Chips and pastries
Wet cake or traditional cakes
Warm or cold drinks
Pudding and ice cream
Snack production process usually requires cooking equipment, such as an oven, baking pan, fryer, freezer, vacuum machines, and so forth – in particular for the processing, packaging, or storage. To that end, on capital financing, in addition to raw materials, it should be taken into account also the cost of investment for the purchase of equipment.

Example of calculation of pastry business financing for the production of 1 kg of raw materials is minimum of Rp 50,000, to yield as much as 3 jar size 500 grams. If the standard selling price is $30,000.00 per jar, then the profits that can be earned for cookie dough per 1 kg is:

The selling price per jar @Rp 30,000 x 3 = Idr 90,000
Raw material cost = Rp 50,000-
Profit = Rp 40,000

Without investment expenses include, from the profits obtained, estimates of turnover can be reached in 1-2 times of production. However, if you have budgeted cost of investment, with the percentage of net profit of about 40%-50% for all production, then payback is a 4-5 production times.

The key to business success usually comes from snacks are tasty and distinctive flavor, attractive packaging, as well as competitive prices. Don't be shy give food samples free to introduce your product.

3. The business of Fashion: Sewing Services or small boutique

People need not just clothing to protect the body from heat and cold, but also as a supporting lifestyle. The fashion business has bright prospects in Indonesia because the number of devotees are high — half the country's population is under 30 years old.

If you have the ability to sew, you can open a kiosk or boutique sewing at home. Sewing fare varies depending on the model that you created. The standard fare to sew one piece clothing ranges between Rp 100,000 to Rp 300,000, not including the cost of the material.

The initial capital must be provided to start this venture is around Rp 3 million to buy a sewing machine (for Rp 1.5 million-Rp 2.5 million), as well as sewing supplies – thread, needles, and other (for Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000).

If it is assumed in a month you could be working on 10 pieces of clothing with an average tariff of Rp 200,000, then the turnover per month that can be earned is $2 million and return on investment can be achieved in about 2 months.

To become a successful tailor, always follow the latest fashion developments, both in terms of sewing techniques or models that are loved, because many consumers will ask for suggestions when using your services.

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