For the beginner, building a business online that is definitely feels hard because do not know to do what and from where to start. There are actually several online tutorials that teach about how to start an online business. We'd better find out and determine what kind of online business types that will run online business model because it is actually very much with varying levels of difficulty.


In addition, if we seriously want to build an online business then we also need to learn to build a positive mental attitude. Some of the mental attitude is:

Want to study seriously
Willing to work hard
Never give up
Had a dream that a large and scalable
Want to take the risk
Well now we will discuss how to start a profitable online business and the long term. From some of the online business model below, may in accordance with the interest and the ability you have.

1. build your Blog/Website

In my opinion, this is the easiest first step can be done by a novice to build an online business. Learn to build a blog/website with specific topics and provide benefits for the audience is something that is not too difficult. We can create a blog that relates to interest/hobby and skill, there are certainly many people who have the same interest or hobby with you. They become your audience.

After Your blog/website has a lot of visitors, you can memonetize the blog in many ways. Some of the ways memonetize your blog is to place an ad, for example, became a publisher and put up Google Adsense PPC advertising, advertising its own products, affiliate advertising, selling service article review, and others. If you have a professional blog, will certainly provide a long-term benefit from different types of monetize.

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2. Build your Online store

Create your own online store already is not a difficult thing again, and one way is to create a termudahnya online store with the WordPress platform. If you have expertise in the field of web development would certainly be easier to create online stores. Usually online store used to sell physical products by way of posting such products in your online store and promote it in a variety of online media.

So what if we don't have your own product? We can sell other people's products are much sought after on the internet, that is by following a big suppliers of dropship program. The advantage of this is that we dropship business need not be giddy in terms of procurement of goods, no need menyetok stuff, no need to do the process of packing and shipping the goods, and the supplier sends the goods on behalf of us as the owner of an online shop. Read more about Dropship Business.

3. Selling Digital products

If we have expertise in a specific area, then the expertise we can sell in the form of eBooks, video, or membership. The business model is remarkable for its potential, much less so today's digital, where more and more people who prefer reading digital books than physical books.

This digital product is usually in demand in certain communities. For example in the online business community, products such as eBooks, videos, and science-related membership internet marketing will definitely be in demand. Well if you have expertise in a particular field, should you sell it online.

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4. Become an Affiliate Marketer

OK, you've got a blog myself but haven't had a product that would like to sell, how to make money from the blog? One of the options is to sell other people's products or language widely known as affiliate marketers. The product can be sold in physical form or in digital form, you can specify what kind of product that is most relevant to your blog.

For example a blog/website you load a topic about the product physical product, then the affiliate business that best suits your blog is selling physical products. You can merge into affiliate websites that offer affiliate programs, such as site #Lazada.

5. Become the author of the article (the Ghost Writer)
This one's profession is quite a bestseller on the internet because it is currently very much a website owner that needs the author content for their site. Not just the big sites that need authors, sites that are still pioneering also need reliable writers.

Although business this one impressed difficult, pretty much the successful running of the profession as a writer. So, for those of you who have a great interest in writing, take advantage of the interest and expertise to write the fields of income.

Well, after reading this article, surely you've got a bit of an idea about how to start a profitable online business. Although you are still a beginner, never afraid to compete because there will always be a niche that could be utilized in the online business. Specify the type of online business that suits your abilities and your interest, do it now, do it seriously.

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