Advantage selling on Amazon

There are several advantages in selling on Amazon

Proven trusted platform user/consumer, has become a platform for buying goods, refund protection trusted so that conversion ratenya good. People who come to the Amazon is the shopper
Source of buying traffic is great. In the USA, Amazon had 95 million unique visitor per month.
A powerful marketing system: Amazon Amazon Ads, Marketing Services, Giveaways, Lightening Deals.

Advantage selling on Amazon
Advantage selling on Amazon

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon). Amazon able to store, manage and send me Your inventory without you even

PREFFERED shipping rate. Save your money and also Your customer. Use means of warehouse and shipping Amazon saves you money than renting your own Warehouse.

International presence. Easy-to-sell globally When your sales are local (in the USA) has a nice
Don't need coding skills

Mindset to build a business on Amazon
Time commitment. This business takes commitment seriously and not get rich quick mindset.
Passion of serving the customer, you must support Your customer well, but in this case you actually don't need to be too busy Because 90% of his work dihandle by Amazon.

Start from one product

Many who started with too much product and categories are too broad, in its development later in selling online at Amazon, you will continue to add products, but start with a focus on 1 product.

Build brand

Don't just sell a product, but you should also build a brand.
Long term legacy. By building Your brand, focus building bigger than "products" only. "Products" will come and go, but the brand survived.

Name recognition. If the trend of finished product, yes it was done, but if the customer love your brand, not only do they continue to buy from you but they will share his experiences to his friends.

Brand mission statement and provide emotional connection between Your brand and customers by giving you a competitive advantage in the competition.

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