Dismantle the secret Sale Online Flood of orders from Facebook

You are already using Facebook for sale online? 

Indeed using Facebook is easy, accessible by anyone as long as it has the gadgets and internet connection. Create a Facebook account just use email, how very quickly. We can equip with photo profile and description of the data themselves. But even though almost everyone has a facebook account but it turns out that not everyone knows how to use a precise and quick Facebook for sale online.

Dismantle the secret Sale Online Flood of orders from Facebook
Dismantle the secret Sale Online Flood of orders from Facebook

There is a fundamental mindset difference when you decide to sales using Facebook. Facebook is basically the media we use to find people who are interested in buying our products. With the growth of Facebook users growing, of course it becomes a very lucrative potential market if we want to learn how.

What's in the mindset that we should master before trading online on Facebook?

1. Imagine if Facebook was a Country Compounds

In Indonesia, a country made up of a variety of regions and ethnic groups. Each region has the characteristic of each. Starting from the culture, language and customs are not the same between the population in Java and Also outside of Java island.

For example, You currently reside in West Java that uses everyday language. Can we imagine it would be very difficult to communicate using language if you go into the field. Other permisalan can be with food, when you are in the Sundanese food then of course it is not easy to find. Perhaps only in certain places in the typical Sundanese food.

This Kemajemukan you should look deeper. You can't assume all Facebook users are potential markets for the product you are selling. Some people may be very interested in your product, but some might be a little interested and others are not at all interested in buying your product.

You've started to understand with the bottom line?

Thus, the larger the pool, the various kinds of fish in it. And every fish has its own characteristics. You can't possibly be snapper fishing with hook and bait for shark fishing. 

2. Be Different from competitors

Any products you will sell, it should have a difference with the competing product. 
If your product is still the same as the existing one, then make sure you've actually recognized it thoroughly. Not only are benefits or benefits of the product but also a wide range of angle or perception of your product.

Do detailed exploration of the product as an ingredient for attracting potential buyers. By mentioning more benefits of course will make your product the more high value. Because buyers can get many benefits from one type of your product. Isn't that will make your products become more attractive and different?

As much as possible to sell products. How can adding a color variant is not sold to others or by changing the ukurannnya. If competitors are selling products with large size, then you can choose to sell it with a small size.

Being different is important. If you sell a product that also sold other people, then You menyuguhkannya the same as other people's products, then what is the compelling reason a buyer to choose to buy from you?

Just try it You keep that in mind, from the many friends or people who have never met You, there are only two things that keep you remembering them. 

First, you are still often met with that person. And second, people you'll ever meet or never know before having a unique personality. So mind You very closely given about him. Make sense?

3. Studying the Detail of the features of Facebook

You can just sell your product or service using your personal facebook account at this time. But the fact of the matter is still in question by the majority of users. Because it is actually a Facebook fanpage and already provides special business accounts for sale. Even had anyone feeling down because his personal facebook profile account AKAN by Facebook due in particular to the selling.

Whereas if you use the fanpage of Facebook there are many features or amenities that make it easy for sale online. Fanpage of facebook or the same as facebook page, inside there are features of the online catalog to display your products. Even if you already have a website can also be integrated with your online store.

In addition, by using facebook Fanpage you could put paid to further enhance ad sales. Learn about facebook as a medium of advertising takes time and persistence. Must be at least Master Your product, who is targetting its market, how much is the average age of people who are interested in buying your products?

The Mindset of the 3 already described above, make sure you've understood the whole bottom line before you start selling on facebook. Don't dream can get increased sales on Facbeook if you do not want to learn to understand and also mastered other technical things.

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