How to sell on instagram practical and easily create social media world becomes very useful for those who have a strong trademark soul. When first you must have the same or outlets in shopping malls to sell merchandise more quickly and then the current virtual world is starting to take over the process of interaction and transaction of buying and selling.


It could be said of almost all social media can be used as a place to market your products, but each social media have different characteristics, one of which recently managed to steal much of the attention of surfers of cyberspace is Instagram, where the application was originally known as a place to share photos and videos, this time has become a very powerful means of marketing in getting potential customers or consumers.

Currently an estimated user Instagram has reached 250 million more from various parts of the world, with a population of approximately 50 million photo uploads per day, this must be a great opportunity to attract consumers.


Here's how to sell on instagram guaranteed can increase your product sales doubled, i.e.:

1. make sure you are using a Smartphone or a quality Camera

The basis of the application is Instagram photo sharing or pictures, then you'll publish a lot of pictures of the products. The more interesting and nice photos that you upload on Instagram then more and more people are curious and interested in buying such products.

2. Create an account with the name Brand Instagram

We recommend that you create an account using the name IG Brand, this will make your product seem more reliable or professional. In addition the use of the brand can also make Your products easier to remember. For example if you sell the boots, then account name IG you can SEPATUBOTKU OLSHOP or the names unique and cool creations of your own results, especially when it turns out the product you are selling many of its competitors.

3. fill with a clear profile, No. Tel, BB and Pin website address (if any)

On account of the IG there is column profile that you can use everything possible to give a description of the business and product profiles, No. telephone, WA, BB Pin, or website (if any). Make sure you fill it with an active phone number, so you can easily be reached by consumers either to order, payment transaction, or when there is a complaint. A quick response will be highly influential on the level of interest and confidence in the prospect, in addition a fast response is also one of the hallmark of professionalism.

4. when rival your effort a lot, do the marketing strategy of "followers"

When it turns out that the product will you sell or market has many competitors then there is no harm in using a marketing strategy "followers", where You find a way so that the number of followers the more, as more and more number of followers then the more chance your product sold. One surefire way is to menfollow the IG account similar to you and have a lot of followers, after which follow as many of their followers, because their customers are also a target for you. This is done so that they could see the products you are selling, when they turned out to be interested then they will memfolback (follow behind) Your IG.

5. Do the selection of products that will be uploaded and give it a description with details

Before uploading a photo or video of your products, make sure you have done the selection wisely, because most people are interested in buying a product via Instagram because looking at products that are unique and interesting. After that, look at the description and price. So make sure that you upload product photos clear, interesting and unique. When necessary at the bottom use harstag (#) to better provide a positive support on the product. for example, #sepatubotkece, #piyamalucu, or #kemejakeren

6. We recommend that you answer all the questions prospective consumers through the IG

When there is question of prospective consumers should be answered in a clear and friendly, do not think about whether they are going to buy it or not, the important thing You actively give a polite answer on any prospective customers who want to find out about your product.

7. We recommend that You do not just IG Account promotion

So that Your followers are not saturated with promotions or upload-upload product photos continue to upload the pause, then as well as other photos or videos which can be elicited a positive response for Your followers, as menguload words or funny pics, motivational words, or helpful tips related to the product you are selling.

Hopefully the explanation above can provide a useful reference for those of you who are currently planning to market products via Instagram and is finding out how selling on instagram.

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