Preparation of Technical Selling on Facebook

After the next was mastering the mindsets, technically related to Facebook and also your product. There are various important aspects You've mastered such as Copywriting techniques and engineering also serve prospective buyers. 

Preparation of Technical Selling on Facebook
Preparation of Technical Selling on Facebook

Facebook is social media a place every person doing social interactions in virtual worlds. So essentially different from the Facebook marketplace that is made for sale online. Most people who visit a marketplace such as tokopedia, bukalapak or shopee are those who already have the intention to buy or sell products.

While on Facebook, anyone accessing Facebook at the same time do not necessarily have the intention to buy or sell products. Can they just want to fill the time while it is being queued in the Bank, or are in the journey on the train.

Therefore, the creativity of a seller in publicizing the product jualannya on Facebook become important factors that must be mastered. How do I change the interest of people who see your product than just a whim became interest in buying and bertansaksi with you.

To further give you an accurate picture about how the sale of the best-selling online on Facebook, please continue reading 2 important things here

1. prepare the best Product Photos

The photo is the mainstream media to facilitate Your sale online on Facebook. If likened to a store, then the photo is a showcase of products that could be seen by prospective buyers. We recommend that you provide images with sharpness and resolution. Not to impose upload photos products with photo quality conditions worse.

Make sure You also photographed the various sides of the photo of your product. Front view, side, top, back even while your product is being worn/used. You can create a shooting session the product using other people as a model. Choose the model that fits your product and also complies with the terget market you snap away.

2. Customer Service Skill

If you have a cafe is very necessary once the existence of the waiters or waitresses. This is what they will serve any buyer who comes to Your cafe. Well so did with selling online on Facebook. You must also prepare some waiters that will deal with any questions and desires But, if you are selling online at Facebook must not hiring many employees to serve buyers shop online especially if You are new to the still a bit of sales every day.

Yes, because between buyer and seller is not met in one place then you can serve many people at once. Just use a very popular chat applications such as LINE, WhatsApp and BBM in serving prospective buyers. And it's all you can do it yourself.

Interesting isn't it?

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