Sales have not had to use FB Ads in order to make our products best-selling sweet

Should not use Facebook Ads so that our products are the best-selling sweet. Because basically, so that our business is run, has had enough of the following 3 things i.e. There are products or services, there is a target of marketnya, as well as how to create a target market to buy our product or service. Then how to optimize successful and can make a Facebook account we can have 5000 prospective buyer. This pattern you need to run the routine, to our businesses continue to roll, every day can orderan, without having to ngiklan. Or it could be called the pattern optmasi Facebook marketing with assumptions. We just have an FB, already setting and content of profilenya is complete and would have had a product ready for sale. For you who are interested, the nih pattern is as follows.

Sales have not had to use FB Ads in order to make our products best-selling sweet
Sales have not had to use FB Ads in order to make our products best-selling sweet

1. Do ' Add Friend ' Targeted.

Find the target market you. You can search in groups that are associated with the product.

For example:

You are the culinary products and target marketnya is Bandung. Then look for groups of special culinary Bandung. Then Add Friend membernya. You can also do the same thing in the fanpage competitor. Add Friend Targeted for early enough 10 person in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, 10 people in the evening. If it is familiar and can smoothly without warning from FB, increase more gradually, e.g. add 20 or 30 friend each at morning, noon and night.

2. Manage the Add Friend.

After 5 days, doing routine activity no. 1 above, allow two days do not Add Friend, then the 7th day do Clean. Clean is a friendship request delete not responded to complaints/not approved. The goal to reduce the risk of blocking FB.

3. Do Status updates 3 x a day.

How to introduce yourself to the elegant Friend Targeted is to post a status definitely read them. Status update should not tip or soft sellingtentang our businesses, could also post funny pictures/videos, puzzles, unique things that are essentially fishing people to interact in our status. More relaxed and not too rigid. Their purpose is to make Like, Comment or Share post. So, in the future, whenever we update status, will appear at their home.

In this step, we are already preparing our promotions so that later on will be seen by them.

4. Interact with the audience

Take 15-30 minutes to see berkamu you and do Like and Comment on the Status of Friend-Friend you. Trust me, even though it's just a like, it'll make them acquainted us with faster.

5. Join Groups that are relevant to the business you and interact there.

Purpose other than to look at the topics of conversation that are hot in the field, as well as to further deepen their behaviour and the level of interest the target market you. This is important for the promotion of the strategy which we must enter. Already, the cuman done each day.

Then, her promotion when donk?

For promotion no need too often. Spend some time just 7 days in 1 month and it is a Promo discount. Normally, if there is no scarcity or time limitations, people like the delay to purchase. So we need to create a keterdesakan that

So can create discount promos during the week. Later those who missed the promo, will surely send a private message to you. And transactions in a non time discount.

So, that is the pattern that we do every day in performing optimization FB Marketing. I will continue this email Sunday. How can I create this Optimization so much easier.

Welcome to optimization! May produce a very dense fruit and sweet later!

Thankyou for visiting this site and reading Sales have not had to use FB Ads in order to make our products best-selling sweet

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