The story of a housewife who is successful Selling Online via Facebook

In spite of being a housewife, could not be an obstacle for the figure of Farida Retno for doing business.

Thanks to the internet, the business could eventually Farida from home.

The story of a housewife who is successful Selling Online via Facebook
The story of a housewife who is successful Selling Online via Facebook

Reportedly, he was successful at selling fashions via Facebook with a turnover of 50 millions monthly.

Then as to whether the full story of the success of the housewives on this one?

 "The Internet could change the fate of a person's".

Apparently it also occurs on the figure of housewives who are now successful thanks to the internet.

Selling clothing via Facebook, Farida Retno now obtained a turnover of about 50-55 million per month.

Twas a turnover larger, given the business he run in a room measuring about 4 x 4 square meters.

Currently, residents of the village, the village of Ngawu, Sumberejo Sub-district Playen, Gunungkidul has had a total of 7 employees who were put to work in the online business.

Farida confessed, not only muslim dress orders come from Indonesia, but also from abroad.

Maybe that's what's so excellence marketing via the internet, namely can market their products more broadly--rather than selling in a regular store.

"Yesterday's new send to Canada, Suriname, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong," said born July 1, 1983 this, quoted from

Within a month, at least 4-6 times the shop muslim fashion Farida send orders overseas.

Of course this is quite remarkable--given the location of the shop that is in the hinterland.

But thanks to the sophistication of technology, everything could be more easy, practical and efficient.

Keep in mind, Farida is a housewife who has two children.

He is not a graduate degree, but graduate one of CMS in Wonosari.

Thanks to his that like to do business, could finally make himself a success as it is now.

Previously, Farida recorded had worked in one factory in Jakarta.

However in 2009 year ago he finally returned to his village.

Feel bored because there are no activities, Farida began to open the front of his house stationery store.

As time goes on, Farida any little by little by selling Islamic fashion.

But due to the slow Act, a fad he tried to offer through facebook.

While that Facebook was the only social networking site that can access-Farida because he doesn't understand the internet world.

"There is an ask fotoin clothes I have to offer. His picture also pake photo mobile phone then I upload, long a lot of messages, "the story of Farida.

Due to the large orders, Farida his Facebook account then replaces it with the store name.

He's the more enterprising uploaded examples of muslim fashion to order more and more.

"There are some pending orders because the item does not exist," said the wife of Ismir Hamid.

The week Farida send orders via parcel post twice.

In addition, Farida also make offline versions of muslim fashion shop near his residence.


The story of Farida above prove that the internet can change someone's life.

And in this case, the media used, Farida is Facebook--which proved to be very good for selling.

Keep in mind, this new one Farida story of the many success stories of entrepreneurs who utilize social media Facebook for selling online.

As a result, these stories can be used as inspiration and motivation for those of you who are confused when not have the capital to build the online store--but wanted to keep selling online.

So, take advantage of the world's largest social media, namely Facebook.

The question now, when would you be successful like Farida?

The answer, there is on yourself. So, start the action from now and do a lot of thinkers--because that pisses thinkers dizziness.

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